Monday, 28 July 2014

Final post from day 2

I couldn't help but blog one more time today. It has been such a crazy, busy, tired, stressful and jet-lagged day!  The kids have been behaving so well and are responding well to their new home. Tonight after the concert we came back to the hotel and had a "wind-down" snack time. We asked the kids what their favourite parts of today were.  Some include:

-Meeting the Chinese choir
-Taking the train (for the first time ever!)
-"The big huge church" (I assume that was St. Stephen's)

Hopefully you're not missing you're kids too much.. Because so far everyone is having a blast ;) here's some final pics of the day before we start toget ready for bed. Finally. 

Check back tomorrow! 

Meeting a Chinese choir our age.

A picture with everyone (including Gerald Wirth!)


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