Friday, 8 August 2014

Day 13!


Apologies for my mistake in the days for yesterday's blog post.. I guess this trip is going by faster than I thought!  Today was the last real day of camp, and the final concert for all the music we've been working on is tomorrow night.  Luckily today was an absolutely beautiful day so the kids had an awesome pool day after morning rehearsal.

After dinner we had our composition concert.  The final concert tomorrow afternoon is already scheduled to be three hours long... So it was best for us tom hear everyone's compositions tonight instead!  It was awesome to listen and see the kids performing in small groups, and singing their own work.  Here are some pics of the evening-

Yes even the ladies had to compose ;)

A crowd favourite was this group.  The girls don't know it yet, but this composition was one of the TWo that made it into the concert tomorrow! 

There were also some good laughs :)

And last but not least, a picture of Viktoria (Gerald's daughter) and me practicing for some improv we'll be doing in the concert as well... Here goes nothing! 

One last big day, and then time for home.  We are travelling to Vienna following the concert tomorrow afternoon. I will send a note when we are settled into the airport hotel. 


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