Saturday, 2 August 2014

Day 7- Enns! Oldest city of Austria

Today was another long but exciting day for the kids. We had a great time this morning in Salzburg- including seeing where Mozart was born and lived! It was really cool.  We saw Mozart's first violin, locks of his hair, and walked in his kitchen and living room. 

Salzburg castle in the back!

On our way to Enns we passed some beautiful scenery that had to be documented. 

Not everyone saw the scenery...

Arriving in Enns was very eye opening- it is one of the most beautiful little towns I've ever seen.  It is also the oldest town/city in Austria dating back to 800+ years ago.  It is known for a clock tower that started construction in the year 1212AC and finished in the early 1500s.  Here are some pics from our walking tour.

Inside the clock tower. Very steep stairs- everyone made it out alive ;)

At the top..

Before dinner we stopped at the town's Catholic Church and sang a few tunes just to see what they sounded like.  It was marvellous!

Finally we got the chance to shop at a local midieval festival that is currently going on.  It was quite the sight! The kids may bring some new toys home... ;)

Off to camp tomorrow! We (the chaperones) are especially excited...  We may have some "free time". Stay tuned for more blogging soon! 


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